Ball Valves

Ball Valves:  Choose between polypropylene and stainless steel—both quality materials that will serve your needs. Polypropylene valves are easy to turn with one hand, unlike their PVC counterparts. Stainless steel valves have a stainless handle and are self-locking in both the open and closed positions. You can also purchase Tank-Ready valve/nipple pieces in both materials.

We supply two types of valves, the Polypropylene with built in union and the Stainless Steel.

The Polypropylene valve is excellent for water tanks. Even the largest 3 PP valve handle can be turned with one hand, unlike the PVC valves that are impossible to turn easily.

If you want to go first class the beautifully machined Stainless Steel ball valve is the choice. Even the handle is stainless and it is self-locking in both open and closed positions.

316 Stainless Steel Valves

1/2 $10.00
3/4 $13.00
1 19.00
1-1/4 28.00
1-1/2 41.00
2 61.00
3 155.00

Select Valve Size

Polypropylene Valves

3/4 $11
1-1/4 19.00
1-1/2 24.00
2 27.00
3 86.00

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CASE STUDY – PVC Valves vs. Poly Valves

The photo above shows a typical PVC piping connection to a polyethylene tank.

The above ground elbow got hit and the brittle pipe broke below ground. When we tried to turn off the PVC tank valve it broke.  With this rigid glued-up design, when one part fails everything has to be replaced.

PVC valves are difficult to turn even when new.

The photo above shows the revised piping with the addition of two tanks.

All ball valves are polypropylene single union, fittings are stainless steel, and piping is rubber and polyethylene. Flexibility means problem-free years ahead, and all valves can easily be turned with one hand.