Filters & UV

Filters: We carry a stainless steel Big Blue housing, which comes with a bracket and wrench set. You can also purchase sediment filters (get the 5 micron if you want to treat water with UV), carbon block filters, and a basic filter board.

UV Units: If you are using rainwater for drinking, cooking, or brushing your teeth, or simply want the cleanest water possible, a UV unit is a must! You can depend on a UV unit to kill any microbes that passed through the filter into your water, making your rainwater potable, all-purpose and safe. UV units are only effective when the water is filtered to less than 10 microns prior to entry to the UV unit, so make sure to grab a filter while you’re at it!

PTFE HD Tape/Sealant with PTFE-Made of PTFE, a strong, durable, chemically resistant material. Both the tape and the paste sealant are no-drip and easy to apply.

We stock the standard Big Blue style filters and housing.  All are 10 inches high.

The 4.5x 10 sediment filters 20 and 5 micron are $5.00 each. The carbon block filter is $16.50

The Big Blue housing complete is $31.00, and features Stainless Steel threads.