We have a quality selection of Rainwater Collection Tanks in sizes that fit your needs.

While we primarily supply tanks to Harvesters in the Central Texas region, we are able to supply them anywhere you need them. Just contact us and we are happy to help figure out what is best for you and your rain water collection needs!

HDPE water tanks: All tanks are made of high density polyethylene, which is safe to drink from and does not leach into the water. It’s UV resistant and light resistant, preventing the growth of algae or the breakdown or collapse of the tank. The ribbed design gives the tank additional structural support. HDPE is strong but light material, which makes it easier for you to transport. We have a variety of sizes, from 100 gallons to 6,250 gallons. If you are just starting out, have a small space, or are an urban water collector, a smaller barrel is a good place to start. If you need more capacity for irrigation or industrial usage, you can find that here too!

Contact us now to arrange a purchase and delivery.