Rainwater Collection Pumps

We only sell top quality and durable Rainwater Collection Pumps here at rainesharvest.com
Walrus Pumps make your job of moving water easy and reliable.

Walrus Pump: The best pump on the market, you can rely on the Walrus Pump to quietly deliver constant pressure to get your water to you. It also has an electronic sensor that stops the pump from using energy when no water is being used, so you will never pay for more energy usage than you need.. The pump is made of non-corrosive material and features a thermal overload built in to prevent overheating from usage or external temperatures (although it can handle up to over 104 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature—good for Texas!).

Connectors (Walrus Pump Accessories): Use the stainless steel flexible connectors for an easy pump installation, and avoid ridge piping and unions.  For an even quicker connection process, consider the Flexcam connector, which is equipped with a camlock fitting that allows you to instantly connect or disconnect the pump.

We prefer the Walrus HQ800H 1hp, for sale at $465   All other Walrus models are available on special order.

Walrus pumps are very good on-demand pumps and can also work with a pressure tank to prolong pump life.  Please read technical data:  Walrus Pump Technical Data.pdf  We also recommend connecting the pump into the system with flexible connectors, which makes installation much easier. Lining up unions is never necessary with the all stainless flexible connector, or the very versatile Stainless Steel camlock/rubber hose which provides instant disconnect.

Walrus HQ800H

Walrus Pump HQ800H 1hp   $465
SS Flexible  1″ x 24″ connector, 1″ M-M Elbow, 1″ hex nipple      $20
SS Flexible  1″ x 12″ connector, 1″ M-M Elbow, 1″ hex nipple      $18
Rubber hose 2 ft,  SS CamLock fitting 1″,  SS hose adaptor, SS Street Elbow     $34

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