Polyethylene HDPE and PEX Piping

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and PEX Pipe

POLY PIPE (HDPE)   In continuous lengths up to 500′

“Stronger than Dirt”

This HDPE is the answer to your outdoor runs of 50 feet from the well to the house, or several miles on your ranch out to the stock tanks. We’re talking 1-1/4 inch SDR 11 rated at 200 psi for pressure runs, as seen in the photo, and 2 inch for gravity flow systems. This is not the thin-walled HDPE irrigation pipe that has long been on the market. The 1-1/4 inch pipe comes in coils of 500 feet, and we can cut to length. There is a complete selection of well-made polypropylene compression fittings. Unlike PVC, this PE pipe will not break in shifting soils and you will never make another PVC glue joint.

HDPE Pipe: A sturdy, weather-resistant, and flexible alternative to PVC. Ideal for outdoor piping—won’t shift with soil, crack with heat, burst when frozen, or corrode over time! Thick-walled, unlike mass market brands. Choose 1-1/4 “ SDR 11 at 200 psi for systems that require pumps and 2 inch SDR at 200 psi for gravity flow systems.

PEX Pipe: PEX is a safe and healthy plastic that is your best bet for indoor piping in place of PVC piping. It’s flexible, so you can install it more easily than PVC piping, and it resists corrosion as well. Unlike PVC, PEX does not have glue that will contaminate your water supply. PEX is also freeze-resistant.

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