Greetings RW Harvesters,

As you know from installing your Collection System,
we are now in the golden age of plumbing.

The Romans taught us never to use lead pipes for drinking water, so we don’t.

Galvanized pipes fail and corrode in as little as 6 months, so we don’t use that.

Copper pipes pinhole for so many reasons, and contaminants rainwater, so we don’t use that.

PVC pipes break, and some say the glue is not good in drinking water, so we don’t use that.

But as we enter this new century, we have wonderful piping materials available.

Stainless Steel is used for all the fittings and valves.
PEX is used for all inside piping, and is tough and healthy.
And HDPE 500 foot coils are used for all the longer outdoor runs.

But alas, there is one little glitch.  The fittings commonly available for the PEX pipe are brass.
Brass is so much better than copper, but it will corrode because of the aggressive rainwater.

So we made male adaptors out of Stainless Steel.
The 1″ adaptor is only  $4.85 ea, and the 3/4″ is  $3.15 ea

We will be making the Tees and Elbows, but this will get you started.

Thanks for your interest,  Terry Raines    512-466-4319