Golden Age of Plumbing

Greetings RW Harvesters,

As you know from installing your Collection System,
we are now in the golden age of plumbing.

The Romans taught us never to use lead pipes for drinking water, so we don’t.

Galvanized pipes fail and corrode in as little as 6 months, so we don’t use that.

Copper pipes pinhole for so many reasons, and contaminants rainwater, so we don’t use that.

PVC pipes break, and some say the glue is not good in drinking water, so we don’t use that.

But as we enter this new century, we have wonderful piping materials available.

Stainless Steel is used for all the fittings and valves.
PEX is used for all inside piping, and is tough and healthy.
And HDPE 500 foot coils are used for all the longer outdoor runs.

But alas, there is one little glitch.  The fittings commonly available for the PEX pipe are brass.
Brass is so much better than copper, but it will corrode because of the aggressive rainwater.

So we made male adaptors out of Stainless Steel.
The 1″ adaptor is only  $4.85 ea, and the 3/4″ is  $3.15 ea

We will be making the Tees and Elbows, but this will get you started.

Thanks for your interest,  Terry Raines    512-466-4319

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Rain Roof

Attention RW Harvesters,

Check out this RainRoof, standing tall and proud above the Texas Hill Country,
and the 30,000 gallon tank.

Alas, if only it could also be solar panels, to provide the Texas homestead with both water and power.

Think AquaSol Array,

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Galvanized Pipe

I got a call from my friend out on the Texas Blackland Prairie, who’s water supply is a utility district.

The water pressure was quite low so we started digging.

The brass water meter and valve were fine, but galvanized nipples were used to connect between the valve and 500 feet of PVC pipe.

The degree of corrosion is a bit alarming, as the system is only six or seven years old.

Cost of  3/4″ x 6″ galvanized nipple:       $3.26
Cost of  3/4″ x 6″ stainless steel nipple:   $3.69

We have most stainless steel fittings between 1/2″ and 2″ in stock..

Thanks for your interest,
Terry Raines    512-466-4319

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Walrus Pump Install

Greetings Water Users,

We are pleased to share this photo of a new Walrus pump install.

The water source is a 3000 gal tank, filled with drinking water via truck delivery.
For that reason, only one 20 micron filter is required.

All fittings are stainless steel, so there is no worry of lead, copper, or vinyl chloride contamination,
and the SS Flexible Connectors allow for quick changes or upgrades.

Please see this pump and other items on our website:

Sincerely yours,
Terry Raines    512-466-4319

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New HDPE Piping & Filters

Greetings RW Harvesters,

Back in the ’80s, copper was a wonderful invention, and on my new homestead I ran 530 feet of 1″ copper from the well to the house.

The well water contains only 300 ppm of dissolved solids/limestone and tastes good.
But I had it tested last August, and it contains  0.117 mg/L of copper.
This is well below the EPA Primary Drinking Water Standards of 1.3 mg/L, but I don’t think our drinking water should contain any copper.

So I rented a rocksaw and started trenching. The new run is a little over 400 feet and goes directly to the house, with a tee off to the workshop and rainwater tank.
I used 1-1/4″ HD Polyethylene pipe with compression fittings.

As you see in the photo below, I also added a new filter system, that is all stainless steel.
The Polypipe comes in at the upper right, and leads the water through the filters, and up to the UV unit,
which is used for rainwater but not for the well water.

The 1-1/4″ poly pipe costs 72 cents per foot,
and the two filter units with stainless steel fittings costs $165
We stock all of these items.

Any Questions,
Terry Raines   512-466-4319

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