Greetings RW Harvesters,

Back in the ’80s, copper was a wonderful invention, and on my new homestead I ran 530 feet of 1″ copper from the well to the house.

The well water contains only 300 ppm of dissolved solids/limestone and tastes good.
But I had it tested last August, and it contains  0.117 mg/L of copper.
This is well below the EPA Primary Drinking Water Standards of 1.3 mg/L, but I don’t think our drinking water should contain any copper.

So I rented a rocksaw and started trenching. The new run is a little over 400 feet and goes directly to the house, with a tee off to the workshop and rainwater tank.
I used 1-1/4″ HD Polyethylene pipe with compression fittings.

As you see in the photo below, I also added a new filter system, that is all stainless steel.
The Polypipe comes in at the upper right, and leads the water through the filters, and up to the UV unit,
which is used for rainwater but not for the well water.

The 1-1/4″ poly pipe costs 72 cents per foot,
and the two filter units with stainless steel fittings costs $165
We stock all of these items.

Any Questions,
Terry Raines   512-466-4319