Greetings RW Harvesters,

The learning curve is steep and uncertain, but once you reach the top it’s all downhill.

In the photo below you see my first tank and its fittings. The galvanized nipple seemed a bit rusty so I thought I would replace it with the recent shipment of stainless steel.

What a surprise when I took the nipple off…. that one on the left.
This once again this confirms how corrosive pure rainwater is. Not because it is acid, but rather hungry for ions. I had another galvanized fitting corrode within 6 months.
The answer is simple. Use either stainless steel, as seen in the center, or polypropylene on the right.

Raines-WH sells the stainless 2″ x 3″ nipple for $5.91 and Triple S Feed sells the polypropylene version for $2.95

In the last photo below you see my latest configuration. All fittings are 2″.
I particularly like the versatility of the cam-loc pair of fittings on the right, allowing quick change of discharge or even filling the tank from a truck.
Notice the SS punch-loc hose clamp.

Please Note:
If this rainwater is to be used for drinking, the PVC ball valve should be replaced with either stainless steel or one made of polypropylene.
Also, the PVC green tubing should be replaced with 2″ EPDM rubber hose.

PVC is the only major plastic that contains chlorine, so it is unique in the hazards it creates.
Vinyl chloride leaches from PVC pipes causing an increased risk of cancer.

Any questions or comments? Sincerely, Terry Raines