Greeting RW Harvesters,  and welcome to the Rain Water World of Beachlands, New Zealand.

Like Wimberley is to Austin,  Beachlands is located about 50 kms from Auckland.
It has grown very rapidly in this century to over 8000 residents.
What interests us, is that every home, school, business, and the shopping mall are all on rainwater!!

No public water supply.

The yearly rainfall is around 47 inches, which is 1.5 times more than Central Texas,

so the holding tanks are not as large.

On the A-Frame home, the roof provides all the water, and the solar panels prove all the power,

with a small dollar monthly return from the power company.

The other photos show water tanks in the neighborhood.

It’s time to move away from Utility water and provide for ourselves,

Terry Raines   512-466-4319