Greetings RW Harvesters, and
Best Wishes on World Plumbing Day

I can’t think of a better day to end forever, the use of Galvanized Plumbing to conduct water, and move on to stainless steel, PEX, and HDPE.

The photo above is a text-book example of failure, of a galvanized coupling.

Ground water, and particularly rain water because of its ‘hungry’ nature, will corrode galvanized fittings, more rapidly than you might think, and contaminate your system.

In the example below, the situation is compounded by the dissimilar metals, galvanized steel and stainless, being in contact.

The cost of a 1″ galvanized coupling at HomeDepot is $3.75, and the cost of a 1″ stainless steel coupling is $2.74 to $4.99 ….. imagine that.

Happy Plumbing for a Clean Water Future,
Terry Raines